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Last night I watched The Social Network, which made me want to do two things: marry Aaron Sorkin, and go on Livejournal. HEY LIVEJOURNAL! Way to be marketed to me. I am now going to tell you about all of my life as it happens, just like Mark Zuckaburger did:

Oh my god, Sean is cleaning out the fridge because I have been screaming every time the fridge door gets open because something has died, come back to life, and started a hideous colony in there. He is so great, not like Erica Albright who is obviously a bitch. I am sitting on the couch wondering if I should play some more Wii bowling before getting up and making a warm tempeh salad, which makes me sound like I am really into food. I am into food, but I am not going to start a blog about it when clearly I know nothing about cooking. Matt Cowgill, you are exempt from this part of the rant as you seem to know a fair amount about cooking, and also your blog is good and you are a person who makes me laugh often. I just hate how every single person on the internet really wants to be a foodie right now. FOOD IS TRENDY ALWAYS, GUYS NOT JUST NOW WE NEED TO EAT IT TO LIVE! i might start a blog about food telling you the best msg based product to put on your ramen or like, the best ways to enjoy vegemite on toast, or the merits of cereal for dinner. Okay, so, back to sitting on the couch. My cat just walked by. HI HOLLY! It is a bit windy and we don't have any beers in the house. I hear this is important whilst real-time blogging. Sean just called me babe. EWWWWW. We are thinking of going for a beer later at that new bar (EWWW probably). I am bad at living with humans.
We went asian grocery shopping this morning where we got heaps of snacks and chilli flakes and rice instant noodles and THINGS. Asian grocery stores calm me so I am feeling quite CALM. I have blonde hair now, which is not interesting for you, but is important if you see me on the street and can't decide whether or not it is me to say hello to. We might go to Belmont soon because I want to go to op-shop row.

Yeah this real time blogging thing is not really working for me.

Other news is, I got out of hospital on  Monday, Anneke saved my life a couple of Saturdays ago and now I am eternally indebted to her, I am coming off medication which is making me CRRRAZYYYYYY. I have smashed some glasses and am crying a whole bunch but also I am REALLY HAPPY SOMETIMES. This does not make me want to ever be a drug addict. It is not Rock n Roll at all.
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