Kate-Anna & her boyfriends (teacupbandits) wrote,
Kate-Anna & her boyfriends

A thing and then some other things

Here is this tiny city:

It breathes

And it sinks when it exhales.

Its weight is

I M M E N S E .

It is heavy with you,

And it is heavy with me

And it is heavy with all of our words.

Our arguments are lurking in windows

Our make-ups draining through the grates into

Underground wells

Forming rivers

(To the sea, to the center of the earth).

Each time we shed our skins,

Each time we started over,

our past selves collected as

P A S T  C E L L S

Folding into bricks and bus stops.

It is a wonder this city does not cower in shame.

Like us.

It is a wonder the buildings don’t just curl up

Into one another

And go to sleep. 

HELLO! I LIKE WRITING AGAIN! Who knew? That poem sounds pretty sad, and I guess it is what I think about when I am in the city, but today I am wearing clogs and I am listening to Bruce Springsteen and I am quite happy.

The art exhibition that I thought was going to be a disaster turned out quite well, so there shall be no more tears about that! It has still be a sad time. My friend Scott from high school took his own life last week. Scott, with different coloured eyes and the goofiest smile and a huge heart (so big, God wouldn't let it live), who looked after me on year eleven camp when I was so so sick and made me hot chocolate on the stove every night. I spoke to him about a week before it happened, I think we were arguing about indie rock or something. His funeral is on Monday. I am still shocked, and actually go to message or facebook him to tell him everything will be okay. It is a weird feeling.

Tonight I will be going to see You am I with Seancat and my brother, which is AWESOME, because I miss him like a limb now that he has a child. I am excited and I hope Tim Rogers is at least a little bit angry. I also hope that Glenn Richards comes soon and plays, on the same note of top Aussie man.

I broke my clogs this morning. My pets are amazing. I miss Lady, and I talk to her a fair amount when I am alone.
Here is a picture of some art I did!

I named them after Deloris songs.
Goodbye! x

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