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Hello, I am not sad today! I have basically not even felt sick all day AND fought off the urge to get a spur of the moment tattoo. GOOD FOR ME!

I wonder a lot if my Mum reads this? I bet she does. HI MUM! Just so you know, I can not find your brooch and I think it might have been stolen. I take really, really good care of things that mean that much to me and could not have lost it. I lied to you last weekend about leaving it at home because I thought you might actually hit me. My psychologist told me today though that if I can tell you, while believing that it honestly was not my fault, it will be the best day of my life. I was thinking of jumping in front of some traffic instead. Please don't kill me on Saturday!

I have discovered Twitter, which kind of sucks for everyone else because I have basically an endless stream of things to tell the world and none of them are as funny as anything Ryan Adams says. Why did I start lifejournalling? I don't remember. I have had basically endless things running through my brain in the last few days as Seancat has had my computorz and thus I have not been able to spew my brain up on the internet. Here are some things in my brain right now:

1) I am eating my feelings, and I blame Christina Hendricks.
2) Oh my God, how can one person be as tired as I am CONSTANTLY.
3) I am afraid that everyone in the apartment building thinks that i am a real bad rabbit mum.
4) I am scared of getting drunk.
5) I don't know how to stop getting drunk and being that girl who messages everyone for self assurance / psycho stalking purposes.
6) I am not allowed to be left alone in my own house for more than about twenty minutes at a time and it is driving me pretty insane, so I have been staying in bed a whole bunch because no one talks to you when you pretend you are sleeping.
7) I threw up the other day after Collingwood lost. I was THAT disgusted in Dayne Beams.
8) I'd still wed him, though.
9) I have no idea how I have landed this job here that I work. It is an endless dance party but with hats, drawing, blogging and fun stories about everyone's cats.
10) I'm bored of drawing but I am not allowed to be.
11) I am thinking right now about what I will go and eat next although I am still totally full. It will probably be left over chips from the other night when Mum and I (HI MUM!) went to a preview screening of Tomorrow When the War Began, which I am pretty sure noone likes anymore. I love John Marsden. He is one of the most interesting people I have ever met and said the best thing about writing to me that anyone ever has. Anyways, if anyone else is still ten years old in their brains: THIS MOVIE IS SO GREAT I CRIED HEAPS OMG.
12) This is actually pretty bland for you all.
13) I can actually feel myself getting sadder now. I hope the episode of Undercover Boss that is on tonight (ABOUT HOOTERS) will solve this partially.


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